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I'm Anny, love playing video games as long as I could remember (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ► Your question might have already been answered in FAQs! Scroll down or find the link in Video description. ► Never play games to show off my skill or prove I'm better then anyone; I simply show off the games and finally found a way to capture the games I have played. Been wanting to do this since Final Fantasy 8 Dance scene xD (Shh, VHS Player, I'm looking at you!) ► I play pretty much anything that appeal to me. ► I don't do Commentary/Let's Play. Unless it's a project/games I have with certain friends. You can however find live commentary on Twitch! :D Come chat with me, I don't bite! :D ► I love taking my time in games, such as exploring and occasionally get lost, lol. If you don't like that, you most likely on the wrong channel! You can check the Video schedule here : https://ayaannygaming.wordpress.com/gaming/current-projects/ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧♥♥♥ Thank you for watching my videos and leaving comments! THANKYOU♥


AyaAnnyGaming er en norsk Youtuber.

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Per nå har AyaAnnyGaming omtrent 27015 YouTube abonnenter og rangert som 239. på den norske youtuber-rangeringen basert på det totale antallet abonnementer på kanalen, og tilhører topp 63%. Kanalen har til sammen 13026 videoer og 26101517 visninger.


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239. 08/08 27015
234. 05/04 26521
234. 05/03 26512
235. 05/02 26512
235. 05/01 26517
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# Dato Visninger
121. 08/08 26101517
114. 05/04 25450251
113. 05/03 25443936
113. 05/02 25437753
113. 05/01 25430056

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