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Here you will find mostly Smash Bros. related content, mainly dealing with the glitch in Smash Bros. for Wii U that makes it possible to control multiple characters with the same controller. You can easily do this yourself if you have some amiibo (preferably 7 for controlling 8 characters at once) and a contoller that is easy to desync, like the Gamecube controller. Here are some step-by-step instructions: 1. Enter 8-Player Smash mode. 2. Move the cursor until the player port space pops up. 3. Click the name tag of the port until it says “None”. 4. Desync or unplug the controller. 5. Scan an amiibo. 6. Plug the controller back in. 7. Move the cursor again and the Player port in the next available space after the scanned amiibo should appear. 8. Repeat Steps 3-7 until all the Player ports contain amiibo (as many as you want to control). 9. Go to the Settings (where the Item rules etc. are), then exit. 10: Done! You should be controlling multiple cursors, and you can enter a match.


BoaFerox er en norsk Youtuber.

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Per nå har BoaFerox omtrent 8457 YouTube abonnenter og rangert som 324. på den norske youtuber-rangeringen basert på det totale antallet abonnementer på kanalen, og tilhører topp 85%. Kanalen har til sammen 57 videoer og 8755308 visninger.


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# Dato Abonnenter
324. 08/08 8457
331. 05/04 7256
331. 05/03 7235
332. 05/02 7208
332. 05/01 7182
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# Dato Visninger
253. 08/08 8755308
260. 05/04 7346501
261. 05/03 7322746
261. 05/02 7300752
261. 05/01 7283534

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