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Den Nationale Scene (The National Stage, Bergen) is Norway's oldest permanent theatre with roots dating back to Det Norske Theater (The Norwegian Theatre) founded in 1850 by the Norwegian violinist Ole Bull. The theatre was founded to develop Norwegian playwrights and Henrik Ibsen was one of the first writer-in-residences and art-directors of the theatre. Today the theatre houses three stages/venues and presents approximately 20 productions each year, both international and national classics, musicals, contemporary drama and children- and family theatre. Den Nationale Scene is one of three national theatres in Norway and has a good reputation for bringing on both contemporary and classical theatre with a close connection to foreign theatre-countries during the time. The theatre is situated in a beautiful Art Noveau-building, from 1909, in the middle of the city of Bergen, Norway's second biggest city. There are around 150 people employed and a company of 45 actors at the theatre.


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