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Let's Player, Shitposter & Fire Emblem Enthusiast. My name is Mangs, and this is one of the most popular Fire Emblem channels on YouTube. I release videos daily on this channel. My content ranges from simple Let’s Plays to more informative and heavily edited videos, I also do the occasional shitposts. My videos are typically released in the afternoon around 15:00 CET, so depending on where you live, there should always be a video ready for when you come home from school/work to relax. I am very easy to get in contact with. You can PM me at Discord, or send me a mail at with any questions. If you want to ask for permission to use my videos in your content, you may do so freely as long as you credit me and link to my channel. Enjoy your stay!


Mangs er en norsk Youtuber.

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Per nå har Mangs omtrent 51647 YouTube abonnenter og rangert som 161. på den norske youtuber-rangeringen basert på det totale antallet abonnementer på kanalen, og tilhører topp 42%. Kanalen har til sammen 2660 videoer og 29927047 visninger.


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Basert på det totale antall YouTube abonnenter.

# Dato Abonnenter
161. 08/08 51647
174. 05/04 45459
175. 05/03 45419
176. 05/02 45368
176. 05/01 45308
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# Dato Visninger
109. 08/08 29927047
111. 05/04 25999020
111. 05/03 25965963
111. 05/02 25932212
111. 05/01 25898779

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