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Next Recovery. Copyright Agreement: By joining Next Recovery as a member of the team and submitting your videos to the Next Recovery channel, you here by acknowledge that you grant Next Recovery a perpetual non-exclusive world-wide license (ownership) to display, promote, or modify your video/episode for commercial use and let you be apart of the team. Sending us your video/episode and being in our Team, Next Recovery, will allow us to use it no matter what, even if you change your mind after we upload the video to the channel and want to do something later down the line. Check out the links below and be sure to follow us on twitter to be up to date with all our recent activities! To view Next Recovery Roster Visit The Link "Next Recovery" directly below.


Next Recovery er en norsk Youtuber.

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Per nå har Next Recovery omtrent 35449 YouTube abonnenter og rangert som 217. på den norske youtuber-rangeringen basert på det totale antallet abonnementer på kanalen, og tilhører topp 57%. Kanalen har til sammen 44 videoer og 203615 visninger.


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Basert på det totale antall YouTube abonnenter.

# Dato Abonnenter
217. 08/08 35449
208. 05/04 35880
208. 05/03 35880
209. 05/02 35887
209. 05/01 35894
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# Dato Visninger
372. 08/08 203615
375. 05/04 203126
375. 05/03 203117
375. 05/02 203114
375. 05/01 203106

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