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Hello and welcome to The Unique Outcasts Official YouTube channel! On this channel we produce mainly Star Wars / Battlefield content. Our Most popular series is called Hidden Spots, the series shows you hidden areas you shouldn't be able to get to in games but you can thanks to a little sloppy game development! It was a series formed originally on Star Wars Battlefront (EA) but has since expanded into other games like Battlefield 1 and now any game we come across really. If you enjoy Star wars / Battlefield / Comedy Gaming / Machinimas / Trailer Analysis / Convention Coverage, then you need to subscribe. Do it! Go on! Have a stroll through our videos! This Channel is run by 2 people, Chris AKA Robust Pirate (The British One) & Reitan AKA Hurricane Turtle (The Norwegian One). We 'TRY' to upload videos daily, our streaming schedule is: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 7PM GMT Saturday & Sunday - If we feel like it Our artist:


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